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Bwloto has taken Raffle Games to the next level with our variety of Game offerings which we can deliver as a service or as a complete solution with Player Registration, online and mobile app sales, Draw engine, and support for Retail Sales.

Our Raffle product comes in three core categories depending on the needs of the Raffle/Lottery Operator:

  1. 50/50 Draws

    Deliverable as a service to any organization holding a valid license for a 50/50 draw. The game can be delivered to players as a fully functioning app or website. The draw is setup in our Backoffice, by the charity where you basically design the look of the game and set draw dates, time, ticket price and any ticket bundles you prefer to offer. Price pool can be set as well i.e. 40-50% to the winner. Players follow a simple registration process to register and buy a ticket. The registration process for a charity is simple and quick to get you up and running license fee is a percentage of sales for the service so there is no upfront risk for the charity and best of all no cash or administration to handle as the solution takes care of all of that. Any reports required for local government agencies are provided as well.
  2. Classic Raffles

    Classic lottery and standard raffles, this allows any Lottery/Raffle operator to offer a variety of games including fractional tickets, bonus tickets, draws can take place out of sold tickets or a complete series of tickets. Multiple games and multiple draws are supported. We can deliver the solution complete with a CRM system, payment integrations, and support for retail devices from handheld solutions to apps on retailers POS system.
    1. Add mobile and web to existing retail raffle solution
    2. Increase Efficiency
    3. Simplify Maintainability
    4. Enhance usability and player experience
    5. Improve product offering by offering additional draws and games
    6. Offer temporary custom games for special events
    7. Test new game concepts
    8. Quick time to market
  3. Association Raffle/League Raffle

    1. Enables charities, sport federations and good causes with a simple solution for fundraising
    2. Every Association has its own admins to create, manage and market their raffle games
    3. Each Association can manage raffles around events on a schedule or subscription basis
    4. Each Association has their own branded games and handles fundraising marketing activities from the system
    5. Operator has its own backoffice and super admin to manage associations with-in it’s network
    6. Offer temporary custom games for special events
    7. Test new game concepts
    8. Quick time to market
    9. Minimal administration required

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